Install Wormate Friends Connect Extension
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Giới Tính : Nam - Durex Bảo Vệ Đàn Chim Việt
Đăng Lúc : Thứ Năm, 15 tháng 9, 2022

Install Wormate Friends Connect Extension

  • Extension “Wormate Friends Connect” can give you about 5000+ skins, 2000 hat ,...
  • The list includes 15 countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, England, Australia, USA, Portugal.
  • You can design your own skin, for your country, for your team please send us an image of the design. We'll help you create the skin and show it to everyone. is a snake game that puts you in an online playground with gamers from all over the world. Your task in is to control your snake, find food, play cards with other snakes and become the longest snake.

But to play smoothly and smoothly, today I will introduce to you an extension Wormate Friends World combined with this game. Help you play the easiest way. The game is very laggy right now. Understanding your suffering, we have customized and removed what is not necessary to make the game as good as possible. And today we have released a Wormate Friends Connect extension.
+ Some features in this extension:
1. Find Map quickly.
2. Custom quick respawn button (no need to reselect map).
3. Custom button to turn your head in 1 place, when you're stuck in the toilet, you don't want to die.
4. Count Kills and HeadShots while playing
5. The map has a clock insert that is easy to distinguish the angle
6. Remove ads thoroughly without installing add-ons like Adblock.
7. Change the background in the game
8. Select all servers worldwide
9. Timer x2,x5,x10...
10. Detect the opponent's name next to him without looking at his head.
11. The option button to increase the size of accessories x2,x5,x10 ...makes it easier for you to find
12. Select the mouse pointer to your liking (many beautiful mouse pointers).
13. Choose skin colors, hats and hats to your liking with a huge inventory of skins
14. Custom fast food magnet button.
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